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CR Chart for DDD

Character Relationships

Light Yagami suspicious
[ What had the very real potential of being a pretty decent friendship bordering on flirtationship quickly dissolved in light of Rachel's getting the death note thanks to a virus. As things stand, she trusts him about as far as she can throw him, and the only thing helping to make her feel remotely safe about her current position are the fact that a) she knows his secret, and b) Regulus knows the details just in case she happens to suddenly die. She thinks Light is an extremely intelligent, extremely crafty liar, and it doesn't work at all to help make her feel safe, knowing that she's one of the few people that knows that Light is a psychotic martyr-murderer. ]

Lockon Stratos neutral
[ Definitely gay. ]

Leonard McCoy neutral
[ He seems really... pessimistic. And though Rachel and him got off to a bad start (Rachel would argue that it was Bones' fault entirely, of course), it seems these two have at least reached a point where they can talk like normal people. ]

Harumi Fujiyoshi neutral
[ At least someone agrees that Finn and Jesse would be kind of hot together. You go, Glenn Coco. ]

Greed neutral
[ She can never quite figure out whether this guy is trying to whore her out or keep her for himself-- all she really knows is that he's a terrifyingly good salesman who can and will try to argue everything into his gain, always attempting to profit somehow. He... seems relatively well-intentioned, though, on the whole. ]

Gellert Grindelwald neutral
[ He seems to have the right ideas, though she can't quite figure that out from the way he's reacted to her. He seems to be convinced that people should be classified into groups, and that people without magical blood are somehow inferior, which just isn't a notion that sits all that well with Rachel. But other than that, he really seems quite nice, if given the chance. ]

Issei Ryudo neutral
[ Though he certainly looks like he's about twelve, she has met few people more mature. He doesn't appear to have a sense of humor whatsoever, and seems about as fiercely loyal as any friend can be (see here: Kurt). Though he has been far more pleasant since their do-over in the friendship department, she still is a bit iffy about him, and doesn't entirely feel like he likes her all that much. She's also fairly certain that she's never seen him smile. Ever. If she could tell anyone to loosen the fuck up, it would probably be him. ]

Dave Karofsky neutral
[ Though the two of them have had very few interactions in-game and even less in canon, whenever she does talk to him, Rachel becomes increasingly convinced that he's incredibly bitter about something, her off-and-on sixth sense telling her that something is definitely up. She just doesn't know what that something is. That said, she certainly appreciates his attempt at being friendly with Kurt after the hell he put him through. ]

Brittany S. Pierce neutral
[ As one of the dancing members of the club, Brittany doesn't really pose any real danger to Rachel, and thus leaves her to serve her purpose, and serve it very well: an additional member. That aside, Rachel and Brittany have had very few interactions, but Brittany's naivety has always served to irritate Rachel to the nth degree, though she always has to watch what she says with Santana around. You never know when HBIC Lopez decides to make her mama bear debut to swoop in and protect her girlfriend. ]

Sheryl Nome competitive
[ One could say that Rachel dislikes Sheryl, but that isn't the whole truth. Though they've certainly gotten off on an arguably bad start, things have improved since then, even if Rachel continues to be a bit perturbed knowing that Sheryl is actually a very real threat in terms of singing ability. With her international star status, it's a damn good thing that she hates musicals, leaving that arena solely as Rachel's domain over which to reign. That aside, it doesn't particularly help relations that Sheryl and Rachel are practically the same person, even if Sheryl at times seems to even out-diva Rachel. ]

Quinn Fabray somewhat friendly
[ Perhaps one of the most confusing members of the group for Rachel, a part of her really wants to be friends with Quinn, wants to feel like she belongs. On the other hand, she can't say that she's sure that Quinn feels like she belongs anywhere, which leaves her at a strange impasse: is she supposed to hate Quinn for being so much more beautiful than she is, so much better, so much more popular-- or is she supposed to try and be her friend, because they're so much more alike than first glance would assume? They also happen to have awesome UST. ]

Santana Lopez uncertain territory
[ Recent events at DDD have changed the Pezberry relationship significantly, even if Rachel isn't entirely certain whether or not she could feasibly call what they have a "friendship," seeing as Santana makes sure to shoot the idea down on a very regular basis whenever Rachel chooses to bring it up. On the other hand, it seems almost as if these two have begun to get along, though in precisely what capacity remains debatable. ]

Severus Snape friendly
[ She really can't quite wrap her head around him. For all intents and purposes, he genuinely seems to be incredibly bitter and repressed about his past-- all these feelings for a girl that really doesn't treat him all that well from the looks of it-- but also incredibly sexually frustrated. He intrigues her, of course, and it seems almost as though he can't quite decide whether to find her annoying and shun her and her extreme love for the color pink or to be kind to her, but that doesn't stop Rachel from standing up for him, particularly when the issue is bullying. ]

Edward & Winry Elric friendly
[ She likes both of them quite a bit, thinking they're rather sweet both on their own and together. Though their interactions have been somewhat limited in-game, the ones they've had have always made Rachel smile, and she couldn't be happier for them as a couple, as she can't think of anyone, really, who seems to be as happy as the two of them. Additionally, she also happens to think that whole automail thing is actually kind of cool. ]

Duo Maxwell friendly
[ Rachel loves Duo! Even if she knows she should probably trust him as far as she can throw him-- he gives off such very obvious trickster vibes when he's not schooling her on what is and isn't appropriate. Other than that, she thinks that his friendship with Finn is kind of nice, seeing as they can both bond over always trying to eat twice their body weight at every meal, and she really does want to get to know him better-- this time maybe with different influencing factors than, you know, a death note around. ]

Kamina friendly
[ Rachel is fairly convinced that she has never met anyone as INTENSE as Kamina... ever, and that in and of itself is kind of impressive. Though initially dumbfounded by his rather "unique" personality and anime-style traits, she has come to see him as a friend, and has become rather endeared to him and his quirks, even if she still is a bit on the fence about his girlfriend, particularly because he's basically dating her. On the other hand, with his sheer amount of integrity that he seems to have and uphold, Rachel has always felt that Kamina is one of the few people in the community that she can really, truly trust. ]

Kanaya Maryam friendly
[ Damn lesbian. To this day, Rachel is still convinced that Kanaya and her have a good deal in common-- primarily, other than their appreciation of women wanting to feel special. And though Kanaya tries hard to keep up a strong, tough exterior, Rachel is convinced she can see right through it. Even if she'll never understand where on earth Kanaya came up with the whole hatemance thing between her and Quinn. :| ]

Billy Kaplan friendly
[ In case Kurt breaks, this guy is her go-to gbff. Not only can he worldhop her anywhere, but he's also totally up for the occasional sleepover and Broadway show, which is made even easier and ten times more awesome by the fact that he lives in NYC. Someone with whom she can really geek out? Hell to the yes! ]

Roze Thomas friendly
[ Roze is genuinely one of the very nicest people that Rachel has ever, ever met, and whenever she happens to have a particularly immature teenage girl mishap, she always feels terribly for disappointing her. Roze is so much more level-headed, responsible, and mature than Rachel, that it can sometimes seem really daunting, and a part of Rachel really wants to try to be a better person the more she is around Roze. Good influence? Yes, definitely. ]

Takashi Natsume friendly
[ During their first conversation during the DDD Secrets, Natsume anonly confessed to Rachel his nature as a compulsive liar, and promised her that they would talk again, and in that event, that he would try not to lie to her. Since then, they've spoken again (though Rachel is unaware that it is the same person to whom she's speaking), and they've struck up a fast friendship (even if Rachel can't seem to place where she last heard someone talk quite like that). Probably gay. Definitely asexual. ]

Sam Evans friendly
[ Rachel was beyond thrilled upon learning that Sam had gotten access to the community, having missed seeing him in glee club every day immensely, and the prospect of the community allowing the old team to get back together again now and then has her thrilled to have their old friend back. It doesn't hurt, either, that Sam is being super nice to Jesse, something no one else seems capable of doing. Four for you, Sam Evans. ]

Buffy Summers friendly
[ One of the few girls she really, truly gets along with, Buffy was surprisingly nice to her for completely altruistic reasons, throwing Rachel for quite a loop before she figured out that some girls, you know, are just nice. Since then, it's been the occasional sleepover with foreign movies neither of them understands and vegan ice cream. Honestly, these are the sort of girlfriends that Rachel could get used to. ]

Kurt Hummel best friend
[ If he wasn't so gay, he'd be her soulmate. As it is, however, Kurt is easily as gay as a tree full of monkeys on nitrous oxide, and she'll settle for him being her gay best friend. He is her biggest fan, her biggest motivator, and probably the person that understands her best, Jesse aside. With the same goals and ambitions, it's a miracle they weren't friends sooner, though their similar competative drives might allow a good argument being made against this, especially since Rachel has openly admitted it-- he's her only real competition in Glee. ]

Regulus Black confused
[ Connecting almost instantly over a supposed "Slytherin" relation despite her Muggle status, Rachel has come to see a real friend in Regulus. When the death note debacle occurred, he alone allowed a real shoulder for her to lean on, recognizing her post for what it was and making her feel understood instead of lectured, for once. She's really come to appreciate his companionship, even despite his sometimes cold, dismissive demeanor. Only recently has their relationship become a fair bit more complicated, however, Rachel accidentally finding out that no, he's not actually gay. This has changed the dynamic of their relationship tremendously, but even despite this, she's continued to try and be friends with Regulus. Only with his continued rejection of her advances of friendship has she started to question things, and wonder what might be wrong with her that would make him not want to spend time with her. ]

Jesse St. James it's complicated
[ Perhaps Finn's biggest threat, Jesse is Rachel's ex-boyfriend, arguably two times over. Rachel has second-guessed her decision at Nationals a number of times since then, realizing too late that she was kind of a bitch to Jesse in the aftermath of "The Kiss That Missed." As things stand right now, Rachel and Jesse continue to have a strained friendship in the game, much to Finn's chagrin. the strain is derived from the fact that there seem to be feelings left on both sides of the equation, making this more of a flirtationship than a friendship, Rachel regularly running back to Jesse to lean on him. ]

Finn Hudson boyfriend
[ Despite both of their numerous failures and faults, Rachel and Finn seem to have found their way back to each other once more, at least for the time being. Finn is proving to be a (mostly) wonderful boyfriend once more, and she tries hard not to hurt him. Unfortunately, that's not always as easy as it may seem, and Jesse's ongoing presence in her life especially continues to be a big burden on their relationship. Those roadblocks aside, things appear still up in the air on whether or not they'll stay together after their last year at McKinley is up, although she is trying hard to dissuade him from a life of working in Burt's shop by trying to get him to go to NYADA. ]

If you feel that your character appears to be missing from the above list, please let me know in a comment below, and I'll be sure to add them in as soon as I can! :D

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A straight girl oft yearns for the touch of a man
Lesbians enjoy ladies so
But these are but two ways for one to desire
Bisexuals can enjoy them both!

You're allowed to like both genders for sex
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Sex the other for fun
There's no need to decide

You're capable of making adult choices
About who you love and who you desire
If pansexual or bi
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Don't let judgement decry


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Sometimes you feel you've got to
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you've got to
date two guys

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