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How's My Driving

This is the part where I come begging to you for concrit on how I can improve Rachel. Really, every little bit is appreciated! ♥

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Yay! :D By the way, in regards to our text thread, dunno if you ever saw Rachel's to do list in her locker, but I'm thinking Rachel might have seen Avatar. Just thought I'd mention to you :)

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YOU are on the ball, sir! I'm impressed! THAT IS SOME SERIOUS FOCUS ON DETAIL 8D I shall edit!

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I wouldn't be too impressed XP I think I caught it during the episode but didn't think anything of it at the time. And then someone on tumblr pointed it out and I realized it's potential for Samchel :3 Shall we thread out the coffee date meeting on [ profile] sixwordstories or somewhere?

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It is!! I know when I saw that last Tuesday, I just saw the Celine Dion and that had me chuckling x] but yes! I think [ profile] sixwordstories should work *\o/*

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I'm thinking she doesn't tell Finn about this either, for obvious reasons~

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PRETTY MUCH, YES. /nodnodnod And she'll do her best not to feel guilty about having WAY too much fun hanging out with Sammy!

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Post is up for you :3 And I thought of an idea for them to spend time together. Maybe something is planned for some of the glee kids to hang out as a group, but everyone ends up not making it, so it's just the two of them~

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... that is a BRILLIANT idea! I LOVE IT!