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Rachel Berry ☆ ([personal profile] broadwaybound) wrote2011-06-18 02:16 pm

IC/OOC Contact

Hello, you've reached Rachel Berry's voicemail. I know this isn't nearly as good as getting to talk to me in person, but until I find the time to go through my booked schedule, I'm afraid it'll have to do. Leave a message!

[Phone capabilities include conversation, voice mail, text messages, picture messages, & video messages. Specify in subject line!]

[text] 3 minutes later

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Look im sorry okay. I shouldve told u b4

[text] 10 minutes later

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Will u just talk to me please??

[text] 30 minutes later

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Okay fine guess u dont wna talk rite now. Ill stop bugging u now

[text] 30 seconds later AND DONE 8D;;;

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