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2013-11-30 10:38 pm

people smell better than reindeers;

Who: Kristoff / Anna [Frozen]
What: When Kristoff is accidentally drawn into a wormhole, he is unexpectedly spat out on the other end in modern-day central park, where he promptly runs into Anna-- quite literally. Realizing that this stranger and his reindeer clearly don't belong, Anna puts it upon herself to help him find a way back home.
When: 2013, with just a hint of 1829
Where: New York City, 2013; then Norway
How: Not Yet Rated
Status: incomplete

reindeers are better than people; Sven, don't you think that's truuuueee; )
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2011-06-18 02:16 pm

IC/OOC Contact

Hello, you've reached Rachel Berry's voicemail. I know this isn't nearly as good as getting to talk to me in person, but until I find the time to go through my booked schedule, I'm afraid it'll have to do. Leave a message!

[Phone capabilities include conversation, voice mail, text messages, picture messages, & video messages. Specify in subject line!]
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2011-06-18 01:01 pm

How's My Driving

This is the part where I come begging to you for concrit on how I can improve Rachel. Really, every little bit is appreciated! ♥