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Rachel Berry ☆ ([personal profile] broadwaybound) wrote2011-06-18 01:01 pm

How's My Driving

This is the part where I come begging to you for concrit on how I can improve Rachel. Really, every little bit is appreciated! ♥

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I've said it about Wendla, now I shall say it about Rachel: ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS. NEVER CHANGE A THING.

Seriously, you just seem to get the characters you play, and you do it in such amazing detail... ♥ Lovely, that's what you are!

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;__________; you are SO good to me, bb. I don't know what to say! Except maybe that you're definitely one of my absolute favorite people to play with right now, because god, your characters are amazing and it is downright humbling to play opposite them? So thank you for existing <3

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You have no idea how red I am right now XP Well darling, I send all of that love right back at you, and ten times more of it as well!! <3333333333

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TEN TIMES MORE?!?! /knocked unconscious from all of it

<333333333333 SERIOUSLY THOUGH, you are so fantastic. You know those feelings you get, like, my god, I wish that person was my RP partner? Yeah.

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I always get a thrill RP'ing with you :3 *squishes you with the worlds tightest virtual hug.*

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:D <333 YOU ARE SO GOOD TO ME /snuggles you!!!!! And Rachel, Wendla, and I all adore you!!!